Sunday, 23 October 2011

The Good Will Out....

*The views expressed in this following post are the views of our Guest Blogger and have absolutely nothing to do with the views of the familiar Miss Musing...enjoy*

I thought it might be good for you all to get to know the man that has won Emma’s heart.  Here are a few snippets of information

My name is Will
I’m a 29 year old Aquarian
I’m a musician with various projects (day job as well)
My favourite film is The Life Aquatic by Wes Anderson
My favourite musician is Johnny Cash
I don’t class myself as an indie boy!
I don’t have tattoos!
I don’t believe in ghosts!
I can’t grow a beard.
It takes me about 10 minutes to get ready in the morning
I have scruffy hair (probably should spend more time getting ready in the morning)
I listen to records
I still have a video collection
I have no sense of direction (geographical)

I had a gig in Camden at a wonderful little venue called Green Note CafĂ©.  With every gig in London comes a worry that you’ll be playing to no one and it will be a wasted trip; so I sat on Facebook and invited all the people I knew that lived in London.  It was a chance for reunion with old friends and a good excuse for a night out.  I was surprised when I got a reply from my ex’s friend, saying that she was going to come along.  Didn’t she know that me and my ex weren’t together anymore??

Before the gig I saw Emma crossing the road towards me, which made me realise that I was going the wrong way!  She pointed me in the right direction and we got talking.  She’d brought some friends along with her, which made me feel less guilty about cutting short the rconversation to meet the friends that were already there.  The performance was good, nice crowd, free drinks and payment!!  After packing up my guitar, I headed out for my usual post gig cigarette and invited Emma out as well.  This was to kill two birds with one stone. Conversation with someone that had come to support me, and….. to take another two minutes off my life.  I had always thought Emma was a very attractive girl and from the off just felt comfortable in her presence but knew she was out of bounds.  She was my ex’s friend and that would have been wrong, very wrong, very very wrong (slap myself in the face)

We got on!

Very well!

It was at this point that certain questions were going through my head.  Why has she turned up if she knew my ex wasn’t with me?  Why is she looking at me as though she’s listening to every single word I say?  And the main question…….how good friends are they?

The day after, I tweeted Emma thanking her for coming to the gig, 'blah blah blah I like your hair.'  I don’t know why I sent that particular comment.  I think it was the fact that I really liked the way she looked.  I was showing appreciation for the radical change of hair colour since the last time I saw her.

There was definitely something there.  There was something I’d not felt for a long time, I couldn’t stop thinking about her.  The conversations carried on and I made sure I ended every tweet with a question so I could get a reply.  I was getting annoyed with the whole situation, why was she out of bounds?  If I was feeling like this then I was at least going to see if she was feeling the same.  It turned out she was but didn’t want to upset her friend and I didn’t want to upset anyone either.  I was due to head to Camden again to watch a gig, so I thought I’d test the water with the ex and cheekily asked if it would be weird if I met up with Emma and if could I touch her??  The reply was a good one basically saying that we were both nice people and to have fun.  Green light.

For many reasons the trip down to the big smoke didn’t happen, but Emma really wanted to see me and obviously I wanted to see her too (a lot!!), so I suggested that she come up to Nottingham for a few days.  It was quickly arranged and also a gig in Manchester was on the cards as well.  I was well excited, I couldn’t wait and made this clear on the phone to her.  We had started to talk a lot on the phone, sometimes up to two hours; this was when I knew it was going to be a serious thing.  We laughed so much and conversation was never awkward or dull.  I really liked her and I was nearly exploding with excitement the day I was meeting her.  Emma told me she couldn’t stop thinking about me, when I heard that, I thought my heart was about to jump out of my chest.  I was so happy that this may be something massive.

I was at the train station awaiting Emma’s arrival.  I thought I’d be more nervous, but the couple of pints I had had watching a couple of bands beforehand helped the situation.  We both knew that we liked each other at this point but actually meeting her was going to be awkward.  I really wanted to take her into my arms and kiss her straight away but did I really want our first kiss to be in a dirty train station?  We had jokingly talked about first contact in one of our many conversations.  We’d agreed a hug was going to be the best option.  The other options were shaking hands and, my favourite, heading into the nearest public convenience!!

She rang whilst I was waiting at the main entrance.  She was a bit confused about which exit to go to.  I found out later that this was an excuse just to bide a bit of time to calm down and to stop her legs shaking, as she was in heels.  I saw a nun walking up the stairs and at first, thought she’d made a special effort in a 70’s porno kind of way!  Emma had made the effort. When I (eventually) saw her coming up the stairs she looked stunning.  Her smile made me feel less nervous and at that point, I knew everything was going to be ok.  So I dragged her into the nearest toilet…not really.  We hugged.  The hug was a lot more comfortable than the hug we had in Camden.  The one in Camden lacked the spark that this one had, I was worried that I wasn’t going to be able to let her go.  I did though and we made our way to a lovely bar near the Castle.  We held hands for the first time, I know that isn’t even “first base” but it was really nice.  After a couple of drinks we headed back to my house.  We went on a bus!! The least romantic mode of transport ever!! 

Our first kiss was hilarious.  I think Emma said something along the lines of “shall we give this a go"?  Brilliant!  When our lips finally touched, after a few giggles, I was surprised at how fantastic it was.  Not going to go into too much detail about what happened after but the kiss was amazing and felt so natural.

The day after, we took a trip to Manchester for another gig of mine. I’m pretty sure Emma will get fed up of my songs before too long! I used to live in Manchester for 10 months of my life just after I got married.  Yes, I was married!  Unfortunately, for Emma she had to meet my ex wife at the gig along with lots of friends from my past.  This wasn’t something that I would be comfortable with but Emma handled it brilliantly.  The fact that she actually went, knowing about the situation, made me more certain that Emma was the most amazing girl ever.  I always had the idea that I would be best friends with my ex, but after that night, I realised that I didn’t want to be a massive part of her life anymore.  In fact, I wanted out and wanted to be part of Emma’s life in a big way.  That’s why I was glad that we’d made it official that day.  Strategically this day is also pay day! This means that I won't miss the monthly anniversaries!  Sometimes, once in a blue moon, I do think like a man.  Speaking of which, ask Emma what we got up to on the train!

So, we were in a relationship!!  Something I really wasn’t expecting to happen for a long time. They do say that 'IT' hits you when you’re not looking for it.  It hit me hard and also from an  angle that I wasn’t expecting.  I really wanted to see more of Emma.  We had planned for me to go to London, but that was weeks away and we needed to see each other before that.  She paid me a cheeky one night visit.  It was really nice to see her but work had really pissed me off by saying that I had to go in the following day!  No lie in with my girlfriend then!  I’d left her in bed that morning and she said that she’d walk into town and meet me for lunch before she got the bus back.  I gave her some very simple directions, but when she rang me she’d got lost.  As I mentioned at the start of this blog entry, I’ve no sense of direction and Emma informed me, after her little jaunt to the edges of town, that her sense of direction wasn’t great either.  I’m dreading holidays together!

Every time we part it gets harder.  I’m longing for the day that we can do stuff normal couples do.  I really feel as though I’ve found someone special.  She really is one in a million and am so glad to be able to call her my girlfriend.  Everything has happened fast and I really didn’t expect it, but there was no way I was going to regret not keeping in touch with “that Emma from London, the one that I really liked and got on incredibly well with," just because it was too soon or because she was friends with an ex.  I’m feeling things, she’s feeling things, everything is great.  We both deserve to be happy and we really think we can be.

I think I’ve babbled on too much now and think this will be a good point for Emma to pick it up, to tell you all about how amazing I am! And modest...but first...I shall end with a list of things that I really like about Emma....

I like her eyes and how whenever I tell her that I love her they well up.
I like it how she fits into me when we sleep or cuddle.
I like how she gives me a taste of my own medicine winding each other up.
I like the fact that she loves things that I can’t stand. It makes for interesting conversations!
I like her caring nature
I like it how she’s so clever. Every day’s a school day with Miss Berry!
I like that I don’t have to pretend around her to impress.
I like all the bits that men are supposed to like
One thing I don’t like is that she lives FUCKING MILES AWAY!!!!